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5 'Apps' To Organize Yourself Better

Smartphone use continues to increase. With it, thousands of apps can now be downloaded and used for various purposes.

There is a mobile app that will help you keep your head straight, whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned professional. These are just a few of the most popular apps you might want to consider downloading.

Google Calendar (Android / iOS)

It is a very simple application, but it does come by default on many devices. You can now sign in to your Gmail account if you have one! This calendar will remind you of all your appointments via alerts. You can also add or modify events as needed.

Trello (Android / iOS)

It is a very popular app in creative environments.

Microsoft OneNote (Android / iOS)

OneNote is both useful and comfortable to use. You can take notes in meetings, in class, or plan your next vacation with it. You can add new tasks or cross out those you’ve already completed. It is accessible from any device (PC, tablet, or mobile) and is also available on all devices.

Any.do (Android / iOS)

This tool is very easy to use for managing projects and creating events. You can even use the voice dictation feature to create tasks and add folders or subtasks. Any.do works on all platforms and even Amazon Alexa.

Evernote (Android / iOS)

This latest version supports all operating systems as well as the web version. Its design mimics the feel of writing in a notebook. You can use it to organize your day by making simple or complex notes, tasks, or projects. You can also share everything with your contacts. The bad: Prioritize your payment options.


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