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Hello, I’m Victor Anguiano and welcome to my site that is focused on the world of tec.

I’m passionate about the innovation of modern technology, entrepreneurs as well as high-growth businesses in the tec space.

I’m the former CEO of a tec based company called Power Made Solutions, which is based in my hometown.

I’ve been living in my apartment in Bismarck, North Dakota for the past number years. I moved as a result of work, but after the firm suffered some internal tragic circumstances, the company had to fold. I have been in a fortunate position where I have been able to save and be semi-retired now.

Recently I made a decision to write a blog. Since then, I haven’t looked back. The content I write about has been educational for many people. It’s my goal to make my blog interesting as well as technically captivating and where I bring my own take on things that are technically innovating.

I began to build this blog as a hobby in the beginning. But also, I wanted to write about my research because I find this helps me in getting more clarity and depth in the subject, I am research and publishing.

During the months that passed after starting my blog, I have enjoyed earning a bit of income which has come in very handy. I need this site to succeed. To make sure that I achieve this, what I need to do is to look into some interesting topics and post about subjects that help you discover detail about the amazing times of technical advancements we live in.


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Hello I’m Victor Anguiano.

Welcome to my technology website.

As a former CEO of a tec-based company that is based in my hometown I decided a little while ago to start this blog. For me it's an outlet and a chance for me to relax and engage with my hobby which is all about technology. In fact, anything that revolves around technology, gadgets and technological breakthroughs and developments.

Our write about it as I am inspired to do so

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