Troubles wih Mac mini Orders Again

Now and then resellers and large partners lose a possibility to place big orders for Mac mini desktop computers due to a very important reason for this – and it is not a simple lack of devices in stock. The cause of it goes far beyond that!

Experts say that one of the most likely reasons for Apple to decline all big orders is an approaching date of the new device launch. And this point of view was supported several times by the kick off of a new gadget in the Apple line of products combined with previous stops of Mac mini sales.

For example, one blogger tried to order several Mac minis in order to use them as servers. However, resellers refused to complete the order because they could not ship many models as there were no devices on the stock. However, after a certain date, they promised to complete it as there would be many new models.

After that case, customers tried to order PowerPC-based Mac minis in large quantities. However, those requests were denied as well. After some time, Apple reopened a possibility to purchase minis in bulks. And guess what? That’s right – all of them were new and had new processors produced by Intel.

It is possible to say that this tendency is relevant for all cities and countries worldwide where Apple has retail stores. If you face difficulties with a shipment of many Mac minis, you can count on the appearance of the new model. This point is supported by the renowned insiders and reliable sources: new Mac mini becomes available within two weeks after shipment delays.

One of the interesting points regarding the launch peculiarities of new models is that Apple tends to set a date for post-Labor Day, so if you are looking forward to getting hands on a new model of your favorite device, wait for Labor Day.

Another interesting detail: customers can foresee future product launches due to the information that media gathers and publishes. Following the news, one can track the date of air-freight shipments from the Far East to the United States that Apple orders. And once again, usually such shipments complete their journey to the USA right after Labor Day.

Hence, this will be the time when Apple will launch new updates to its products. To find out what exactly will be upgraded, you just need to track delayed big orders on a certain model.