Did You Notice It? Apple’s Contribution to the ‘Cars’ Series

Last Friday, I decided to see the show. The one I have chosen was Pixar’s ‘Cars.’ Right, it was more than a show – it was an exciting movie from the famous studio and movie director. From the first sight, those cars acting like people looked ridiculous to me. However, being engaged in the first five minutes of the film, I completely forget that I was watching some autos instead of human beings. They performed so naturally that I believed every single word, feeling, and emotion. I was impressed how “humanized” Pixar’s heroes have become.

apple sponsored cars movie

So,  in a couple of minutes, I forgot about my drink and popcorn being totally swollen up by the great motion picture and its main characters. I equally enjoyed protagonists and villains. I recognized various human figures in each of the truck, SUV, cabriolet, jeep or simple sedan.

But the best thing came later.

As far as the movie went on, it seemed to me that I saw an Apple sign for a moment. Being a great fan of Apple products, I would not miss a thing. Later in the film, I had a feeling that other goods and services related to the famous IT company were featured there. So, was it just a glimpse of an Apple automobile? While there is no opportunity to rewind the movie at the cinema, I waited patiently or the show to end up just to check my guesses at home. I was totally surprised to find the proof of my words. After the small independent research, I discovered Apple racer car participating in the film. It was the pretty school to find out that Apple was a sponsor of such a great movie!


Today, there are three parts of this movie, and each one features Apple-related stuff in different ways. In general, the famous brand figures as an electronic goods company. It reproduces the image and services of the real-life incorporation with the same name. Even its rivals are displayed according to the real-life competitive environment. Let’s have a closer look at each part of the movie:


Piston Cup Racing Series comes out first. We can notice Apple contributing to the development of Mac iCar and its friends. It is possible to see that the racing number of this player is 84. Let me remind that the company has introduced its first computer ever called Macintosh in 1984.

Cars 2

Despite the fact less information associated with the Apple products pops up in the second part of the movie, Apple’s hand can be found here, too. The presence of the company is limited here. For example, Tow Mater mentions that his line of work is towing and salvage. Then, Finn McMissilereplies notices, “And Ms. Shiftwell’s is designing iPhone applications.”

Cars 3

The latest release in the series did not ignore the famous IT company. The watcher can notice an Apple-sponsored car among the 2017 Piston Cup season participants. However, the racer’s model remains unidentified. It means this time we do not know whether we see a Mac iCar or another auto. Moreover, Lightning McQueen’s machine inside Mack’s trailer counterfeits an iMac. Just look at its black framing around the screen.
mac icar