Basic Points Every Mac User Should Keep in Mind

It is such a pleasure to take a brand new Apple computer out of the box and place it on your desk. However, using Mac for the first time may be a bit tricky, especially after switching to it from the PC. Rest assured, once you read these things every Mac newbie user should know, you will settle down to a course of getting the most of your Apple computer!

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1. Come up with a backup plan

The first thing to do after you’re done jumping around with joy is to arrange Mac backup. It is a very, very good idea to always back up your data – and preferably, more than to one location to have guarantees that all your important information is safe and sound. After all, who knows what may happen? Time Machine is the most popular backup tool among Mac users as it is dead simple and pretty fast. Also, you can save pretty much everything in iCloud, including backups. Though, remember that if you want to store over 5GB over there, be ready to invest some money.

2. Register in iCloud

Speaking of iCloud – signing in to iCloud is the next thing to do on our list as this service is one of the major advantages of owning a Mac and other Apple devices. iCloud ecosystem is safe and well-planned; it allows storing images, documents, videos, audio files, and other data in one place – and access it via any synced Apple gadget. So come up with a nice Apple ID and sign in to iCloud right now.

3. Sign into iTunes

iTunes is already there once you purchase an Apple computer. Besides, it is easy to download from the App Store. iTunes is the most popular Apple platform for storing movies, television shows, e-Books, applications, music files and playlists, etc. Users can also buy high-quality content from iTunes.

4. Set up ‘Optimize Storage’

Earlier, it took much more time and nerves to manage Mac’s space. No matter how much capacity your device has, sooner or later it will be fed up. Thanks to the iCloud syncing features and a healthy clutter cleaning regimen, it is possible to always have a bare minimum of space required for the necessary downloads and proper system performance.

5. Use Mail and Calendar

Native Mac apps are typically way better than some third-party analogs. In many cases, Apple’s Mail and Calendar are a starting point for syncing your data. Besides, no external app can guarantee such high level of security as the built-in Mac applications do. Plus, you can be sure that Apple will never stop supporting its official products.

6. Allow auto-downloads/updates

Do not miss the latest updates as they often deliver solutions to issues that you may discover while using your Mac. So you’d better make sure that you’re all set to receive the most recent software versions from Apple with auto-downloads. Such upgrades run in the background mode without disturbing the user.

7. Get to know Spotlight

Haven’t you heard of Spotlight? It makes the life of every Mac user easier by providing an opportunity to find everything he or she wants. It works well with both the machine itself and the Internet. Just select the search icon in the upper right corner. Start entering the initial letters of whatever you’re searching for. The tool will look everywhere on the computer as well as on the Web. Spotlight also allows launching Terminal or any other app, discovering hiding files, searching for the directions using Maps, and so much more.

8. Install applications and exciting games

It looks like Mac owner has everything necessary from the start, but it may be insufficient for the full user experience. Some official and third-party tools can significantly improve the device’s productivity while others are there for fun and entertainment. The best thing is that you don’t need to set up a specific app on every particular Apple device thanks to the wonder of synchronization.

9. Integrate your social media

Separate applications are no longer required to integrate your favorite social networks. It is easier to tweet photos and exchange videos on Facebook thanks to this integration. If you wish to log into any of the preferred social network accounts, launch System Preferences and find Users & Groups. There, a Mac owner can choose the social networking account. Just enter login details to start.

10. Get ready with your printer

A supporting equipment is necessary to make your user experience as complete as possible. Except for the peripherals, it is useful to have a printer by your side. It is better to have all things ready and installed ahead than postponing them to the last minute.

Off to a Flying Start!

These are only the first basic steps a new Mac user should take to set the ball rolling with the new Apple computer. Stay tuned to our blog to discover expert tips, hidden tricks, and secret hacks to make the most of your Mac and elevate your user experience to the max!