Troubles wih Mac mini Orders Again

Now and then resellers and large partners lose a possibility to place big orders for Mac mini desktop computers due to a very important reason for this – and it is not a simple lack of devices in stock. The cause of it goes far beyond that! Experts say that one of the most likely reasons for Apple to decline all big orders is an approaching date of the new device launch. And this point of view was supported several times by the kick off of a new gadget in the Apple line of products combined with previous stops of […] Read More

Downsides of Apple Retail Stores

You will definitely not confuse Apple retail store with any other store when you see one. Much like the gadgets, Apple stores have a signature move, and for the most part, they are strongly appreciated by customers. However, judging from the comments on consumer message boards, not all people are impressed with them. It is obvious that new retail strategies developed by John Browett, Apple’s senior vice-president in charge of retail operations and expansion, could be more efficient if he would simply look through consumer complains – and today there are plenty of them. One of the biggest problems of […] Read More

Did You Notice It? Apple’s Contribution to the ‘Cars’ Series

Last Friday, I decided to see the show. The one I have chosen was Pixar’s ‘Cars.’ Right, it was more than a show – it was an exciting movie from the famous studio and movie director. From the first sight, those cars acting like people looked ridiculous to me. However, being engaged in the first five minutes of the film, I completely forget that I was watching some autos instead of human beings. They performed so naturally that I believed every single word, feeling, and emotion. I was impressed how “humanized” Pixar’s heroes have become. So,  in a couple of […] Read More