What Types of Memory Your Mac Has

One may say that in order to evaluate the performance of Apple desktop and laptop computers user has to look through macOS’s Activity Monitor as it shows each and every process and the system condition. However, for the most part, non-tech-savvy users will get more questions than answers because to get a full picture of the system work one should know the terminology and principles of its work. One of the main reason for such confusion is that usually system distinguished memory in a different way rather than “used” and “free.” The main categories are free, wired, active, inactive, page […] Read More

How To Set Up Remote Access on Mac

Sometimes, we face a situation when it is important to give access to our devices to other people. Often, it happens in the workplace as people usually work as a team and should be aware of certain things going on another person’s Mac. Another situation is when the person wants to prove his or her loyalty to someone. For instance, this way you may show that you don’t have any secrets from your beloved person and completely trust him/her. One should be really careful with things like VNC not to get into the trouble. VNC refers to the Virtual Network […] Read More

Upgrade Your MacBook Pro USB from 2.0 to 3.0 Using ExpressCard

If you own an older MacBook Pro and thought about upgrading its USB to 3.0, it’s high time for you to take the shot. All you need is to purchase a classical ExpressCard 34 and insert it into the laptop. Thus, you will obtain two high-speed USB 3.0 ports for just a couple dozen bucks. This is arguably the best way to get boost your MacBook Pro with the most rapid interface. It is effective enough to transfer something like 2.5 Gbps via direct connection to the system bus. The result of this action is the lightning-fast data transferring and […] Read More

Reasons Against Buying Mac Mini

Mac mini is the cheapest desktop Apple computer available on the market. Many users tend to buy it because of its brand. But can it be considered a good pennyworth? When you take a closer look at it, it becomes obvious that the purchase of Mac mini is only a start: it has no monitor, mouse or keyboard, so you will have to dip into your pocket to buy them. Update of mini in October 2016 didn’t improve the situation too much. However, many users still believe that Mac minis are more convenient and better than any other desktop computer. […] Read More

How to Clean Your White MacBook for It to Shine Again

Remember the day when you have brought your new shiny MacBook from the store? It was dazzlingly white and bright. We bet you hoped that this condition of your computer would last forever. Still, touching the device with dirty fingers, eating in front of the screen, splashes, dust – all this will inevitably contribute to a new “secondhand edition” look of your precious MacBook. If you want to bring back the brand new ‘visage’ to your beloved gadget, learn these useful pieces of advice how to clean your Mac like a pro. Also, we will give a couple of tips […] Read More