Exploring the Utilities Folder on Your Mac

With all that time you spend with your precious Mac, you must’ve already noticed the so-called Utilities folder, which resides in the Applications folder. Often, people confuse these two terms. While apps assist in completing different activities with Mac, utilities make it possible to do things to the computer. This slight difference still makes sense, so please take a look at the list of tools included in your Mac’s Utilities – many of them may come in handy on lots of occasions. Activity Monitor Observe different stuff running on your Apple computer in a real-time manner. Airport Utility With Wi-Fi […] Read More

How to Change a Macbook Into a Smackbook

Are you one of those Mac owners who regularly launches many windows on the device? Do you find it difficult to keep track of them all? Instead of getting mad and hitting your best Mac friend, try to learn something new to manage your computer better. Read the brief guide below to understand how to make the most of Mac’s built-in motion sensor to deal with the numerous screens. That is a rather useful skill in many life situations. Download Desktop Manager. It is a powerful software that can do a lot when you want to customize and fine-tune your […] Read More