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How to Change a Macbook Into a Smackbook

Are you one of those Mac owners who regularly launches many windows on the device? Do you find it difficult to keep track of them all?

Instead of getting mad and hitting your best Mac friend, try to learn something new to manage your computer better. Read the brief guide below to understand how to make the most of Mac’s built-in motion sensor to deal with the numerous screens. That is a rather useful skill in many life situations.

  1. Download Desktop Manager. It is a powerful software that can do a lot when you want to customize and fine-tune your Mac. It’s about managing desktop items.
    desktop manager
  2. Download Smackbook. It arrives as a zip file. You will need an archive reader.
  3. Download AMSTracker. It is a command-line app that absorbs acceleration data from the Sudden Motion Sensor in Macs.
  4. Move to the process of setup and configuration by launching the AMS Tracker and Smackbook files first.
  5. Drag the box from the AMSTracker item titled AMSTRacker into the Smackbook file.
  6. Desktop Manager is the next thing you will need.
  7. Start your Terminal utility. It is hiding in the Utilities folder in Mac’s Applications.
  8. It is time to enter “cd” into Terminal and place the Smackbook folder into the line. Press Return.
  9. Did you notice something like that: “/Desktop/smackbook username$” (the last item means your name). Next, enter: “perlpl” (do not put quotation marks). Push Return.
  10. Suddenly! Wait for the message saying “AMS hardware present and initialized” to pop up in the Terminal window. In case of failure, quit the application. Do not give up at the first time, and attempt once more.
  11. Begin with the gently tapping the bottom right side of the screen. You should go on doing this action for some time. Wait until the desktop changes.

Now, you have an idea of how to manage multiple screens on your Apple computer just by “smacking” it on the right or left. Everything left to do is to discuss several valuable hints you should mind.

  • When you hit your Mac, do not overdo this action. You should plan the strength while changing the desktop. You should realize your physical abilities soberly!
  • The computer should be on a solid surface to avoid any shaking or to tremble while doing the operation.
  • Please keep in mind the steps described above are not compatible with the majority of iBooks and desktop computers.
  • The hint will work on Macs with an installed motion sensor!

In case the user wants to deactivate the option, he should just exit the Terminal tool.

There are just several things you will need to allow multiple screens on your Apple computer. Those are:

  1. MacBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Remember that it functions on the recent model PowerBook G4’s.
  2. Internet connection.

That’s it!

By mastering this skill, the user will discover fast ways to change between the multiple screens/desktops. You will wonder how you ever used the Apple computers any other way!