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How to Clean Your White MacBook for It to Shine Again

Remember the day when you have brought your new shiny MacBook from the store? It was dazzlingly white and bright. We bet you hoped that this condition of your computer would last forever. Still, touching the device with dirty fingers, eating in front of the screen, splashes, dust – all this will inevitably contribute to a new “secondhand edition” look of your precious MacBook.

If you want to bring back the brand new ‘visage’ to your beloved gadget, learn these useful pieces of advice how to clean your Mac like a pro. Also, we will give a couple of tips to those who want to purchase white Macs but are afraid of it turning gray and spotted. With their help, you will be able to prolong the life of the whiteness for ages.

cleaning white macbook

Tips and twists on cleaning your MacBook

First and foremost, if you have just bought new white MacBook, make some precautions that will help to preserve that cleanness. Using a snap-on case will be a great solution if you do not want to wipe off stains from the case every time you open the laptop. There are plenty of options, colors, materials to choose from – and there are many transparent cases if you want to see the original color of your device.

Of course, no one expects you to use the device with gloves on. However, it would be better not to touch the screen and keyboard with dirty fingers. And forget about eating near the laptop – spilled liquid will ruin it, and spots of grease are very hard to remove.

But what to do if your laptop is already dirty?

To start with, decide what kind of cleanser is the most appropriate for you. There are several options: microfiber cloth, wet or dry or specialized cleansers for laptops. Advanced users prefer to take advantage of cleansers offered by Apple: they are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the particular device and are more friendly to the materials of each machine.

For example, you can try an iKlear set of cleansers that includes special sprays for the screens, casings, and keyboards. With its help, you will be able to clean dust, fingerprints, and stains, but do not forget to apply little pressure on the cloth sprayed with this cleanser – not too much and not too light.

It is said that multipurpose alcohol-free wipes for the screens can also cope with some spots and stains on the screen and keyboard. However, if the spot is difficult, they will hardly handle it.

Many users complain about the dirt in the tiny gap under the screen of MacBook – the easiest way to clean it is to take a toothpick and rap its end with a thin layer of wipe and scrape the dirt out of its cove.

Don’ts of cleaning

Never clean your laptop when it is powered and with the power cable attached to the device. Always switch it off and unplug the cord – even when you spray the cloth near the laptop, there is a possibility of short circuit.

Never spray the cleaning liquid on the device itself, for the same reason mentioned above.
Never use abrasive cleaner – you can wear plastic off, and letters on the keyboard may also wear off.