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Discover The Best Apps To Take Care Of The Environment

Today, the care of the environment is a major concern. Human beings have spent many years utilizing and aggressively mining and tearing down natural resources in the name of progress.

Technology is one of the most important sectors to have seen rapid development over the past decade. Each day, thousands of devices, including household appliances, computers, tablets, and smartphones, are created. However, this can have negative consequences. Many people don’t realize that technology can be used to care for the environment if it is used properly.

For example, your mobile phone can be a powerful tool in establishing good habits and being beneficial for the environment. There are many apps that will help you save energy or water, recycle, make better purchases, monitor the quality of the air, etc.

We have listed below some of the most helpful mobile apps to assist us with this task.

Recycling Guide

It is one the most important Spanish applications for recycling. It was created by Ecoembes, one of the most significant national organizations in caring for the environment through recycled materials. It teaches users how to properly separate organic waste from cardboard, paper, plastic, and packaging and to deposit them all in the correct container.

You can also search for products in the app and instantly know which container you should deposit them in.

This app is available for both Android as well as iOS.


Mirubee, a Spanish startup, was recently launched. It allows users to monitor the electrical consumption of all devices in their home using a meter located in the home’s electrical panel. This app allows you to keep a detailed record of your domestic electricity consumption.

You can also set up different notifications and alerts to avoid peak consumption. Additionally, you will receive customized indications to improve energy efficiency and decrease polluting emissions.

Mirubee’s only problem is the EUR 119 price tag for the meter required to operate the app correctly. The application’s developers point out that the monthly electricity bill could be reduced by around 15%.

The app works with all devices.

Go Green with the Carbon Tracker

This app is very useful as it analyses the carbon footprint of our daily activities, from electricity consumption at home to use of public and private transport. It allows users to determine, using a scale provided by the app, whether their actions are environmentally friendly.

After identifying the areas that need improvement, the app will give the user suggestions and options on how to make some changes, which can help them achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

Carbon Tracker is not available for iOS devices.

Plume Air Report

Plume Air Report was developed by scientists who specialize in atmospheric information. It functions similarly to a weather forecast. It can be used to determine the contamination level in a particular area. It also predicts how the area’s air quality will change over the next 24 hours. This information is very helpful for users to determine the best time to exercise outdoors and to breathe cleaner air.

It also offers historical data analysis and a blog section to help you understand the state and improve your air quality.

Good Guide

Good Guide is the ideal app for those who are committed. It analyzes brands and products we purchase and uses them to determine if they’re safe, healthy, responsible, and healthy for the environment.

It is easy to use the app. The app allows users to scan the barcode of a product using their mobile camera. This will allow them to find information about its manufacturing and impact on society and the environment.

This app is available for iOS and Android.

The night is lost

Experts believe that light pollution is the most harmful type of pollution. It is difficult to see with the naked eye, making it one of the least visible. It has been a problem for astronomers.

Stargazing at night is impossible due to the large amount of light coming from cities. To raise awareness about the problem, Loss at Night allows us to identify the levels of light pollution in certain areas and shows the visibility of stars at each location.

This app is available only for iOS.


This is the last and most unique application. This application was created by students from Spanish universities and encourages sustainable lifestyles such as cycling or recycling through incentives. This incentive is called the Liigths, which is a virtual currency we acquire each time we perform one of these actions. It can then be exchanged for various products or services.

These apps can help us become more aware of the importance of protecting the environment. We must be determined to take responsibility for our actions and create a better, cleaner, more protected planet.


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