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Hair Drug Tests and How to Pass One

Hair drug tests are now one of the main methods of drug testing used legally for custody battles in court and by employers of heavy-duty machinery users or medical professionals. This is because hair follicle testing has been proven to be much more accurate than older versions of drug testing such as blood, urine, or salvia.

A hair follicle test will use the oils in the sebaceous follicle to uncover toxins from recent drug use. A hair follicle test can pull up toxins from up to 90 days prior to the test, while other testing solutions only work for a couple of weeks.

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drugs Test

Even if you’ve stopped using drugs, a hair follicle drug test can be stressful, especially as you know that you’ve used in the past. If you don’t pass the test, it could have disastrous consequences including losing child custody battles, failing interviews, or even being told that you cannot pursue your chosen career path.

For this reason, it’s essential that you prepare for the drug test as early as you can. And let me tell you, there have been people who asked me: how to pass a hair follicle test in 2 days, and I have shared with them the options below and they have got the results they needed.   So please see below a few things that you could do:

Cleaning Hair Using Natural Methods

Some drugs, such as cannabis, are transferred through the bloodstream. Certain natural foods and spices will help to clean the blood and replace it with healthy, non-toxin fueled oils. For example, you could use clovers, garlic, cayenne pepper or burdock.

Shaving Your Hair

One of the easiest ways to reduce the likelihood of failing a random hair follicle test is to shave your hair. The hair needs to be at least 1.5 inches long for the test to go ahead. However, this definitely isn’t the most desirable option.

Some people also choose to bleach their hair to remove the toxins, however, this can cause long-term damage to the hair if it’s done regularly.

Diet Changes

Using certain vitamins and supplements to aid the release of histamines into your system will help you to widen your blood cells and release the toxins a little faster.


Shampoos that are made with detoxifying properties are great if you have a couple of days to remove the oils. Shampoos such as Zydot and Nexxus just need a little time to soak in, then you rinse off and you’re good to go. You may need to rinse and repeat over a couple of days to be absolutely sure.

The Mike Macujo Method combines a whole host of ingredients to create a detoxifying shampoo that works 99.9% of the time on all drug types. The Macujo Method also offers to advice and support when it comes to hair follicle tests and will help to give you peace of mind, no matter what drug you use or how often you’ve used it.

Home Remedies

Vinegar is an acidic substance that removes the oils on your scalp. It will neutralize the toxins that are excreted from drug use but may also make your scalp a little dry.

Which Drugs Are Tested for?

Although most drugs will appear on a hair follicle test, not all drugs are actively searched for, as prescriptions drugs are considered acceptable.

The hair follicle test won’t usually detect inhalants, steroids, or hallucinogens.

Some research states that Marijuana (THC) can’t be detected. However, this is a myth. THC shows up on a hair follicle test, but the strength of the result depends on a few factors:

  • How much you use.
  • How often you use.
  • The quality of the drug.

Stay Informed Regarding Test Dates

Of course, one of the main factors in passing your drug test is the usage of drugs. As soon as you find out the date of your test, you should stop using immediately to begin the detox. You should also avoid other people who are regular users, as hair follicle testing can also detect secondhand smoke.

If you have a test coming up and you haven’t had time to prepare, Mike’s Macujo Method is here to help. It’s more than just an Aloe Rid shampoo. The whole process will be discussed with you in detail to ensure that you fully understand what to do to give you the best chance of passing. The method has been known to have 99.9% effectiveness in moderate drug users based on feedback and customer satisfaction.


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