How to clean a White MacBook Screen?

MacBook owners are proud owners of the best looking laptops ever. Anything this beautiful is needed to be kept spick and span. You would not be able to appreciate the stunning screen if there are fingerprints, dust and other filthy soot all over it. You have to clean the MacBook screen at regular intervals.

If you carry your MacBook everywhere with you from work to the local coffee shop, it would always need good clean up. Not only to make your laptop screen look beautiful but also to protect you from the possible health hazards which you could be exposed to from the micro-organism floating in the air and clinging on to your Macbook screen and invisible to the eyes.

Cleaning is an art which if not performed the right way can cause damage to your device. Before you pick up the nearest cloth and start to remove the dust, keep in mind that if you do so in the wrong way, you could put scratch marks on the screen of your MacBook. So, learn how to clean the screen of your MacBook the right way with the process given below.

Turn off your MacBook.

Before you start cleaning your MacBook screen, it is wise to turn off your device.and unplug it from electricity if it is being charged. This would be a protective measure to save you from the possibility of an electrostatic shock while performing the cleaning operation.

Next shut down your Apple device as per the process.

How to clean the MacBook screen?

You do not have to spare any expense to get a cleaning kit for your MacBook. In fact, the price that you would have to pay for keeping your device screen clean is very less compared to what you must have paid to buy your MacBook. Let us start the cleaning.

A Soft Cloth

You can clean your MacBook screen with a soft microfiber cloth. These clothes are made of fine synthetic fibers and are suitable for cleaning all kinds of household cleaning. It is antistatic, and it picks up dust and also wipes off fingerprints without putting a scratch on your precious screen.

Microfiber soft cloths are readily available in the market for you to buy; however, you can also use the ones that come with your eyeglasses or other electronic gadgets that require cleaning.

Clean Water Spray

Any clean water is good, but if you can manage distilled water, it is the best for cleaning. Since tap water contains extra minerals, it could leave a residual line on your screen or cause problems with the circuit of the MacBook screen.

Before you start cleaning, put some water in a spray bottle for easy application to your cloth. Also, ensure that the water used is at room temperature. Avoid using hot or cold water.

If you are concerned about germs and bacterias, you should use a solution with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or maybe use Clorox disinfecting wipes for your MacBook screen.

Apple too has started suggesting these processes after the COVID-19 outbreak; however, too much application is not suggested.

Disinfect your MacBook screen

You might want to disinfect your screen while cleaning, which is very good. You can use a disinfectant bleach-free wipe for the purpose. However, if you want to refrain from using a disinfectant wipe, you can mix one part rubbing alcohol, and one part distilled water in a sprayer and spray the same on a soft cloth and wipe down the MacBook screen. Remember not to spray the liquid directly on the screen. Also, be gentle while wiping your MacBook Screen.

In case of serious stains on your screen, you can also use commercial products. However, keep in mind to use only such products that are suitable to be used for cleaning MacBook screens. Remember your MacBook screen is a glass screen, and if a product does not specify Apple MacBook, then it might not work as expected.

You can also use three-part distilled water, and one part distilled white vinegar solution for cleaning. Wet a clean microfiber cloth with the spray and wipe down the display until clean. Do not use too much of the liquid for cleaning.

What needs to be avoided while cleaning.

Despite all our noble intentions, we might end up damaging the display of our MacBook if we are not cautious about the cleaning process and use the wrong material to clean the screen.

Not only is there a change of putting a scratch mark on the glass screen, but you might also do damage to the on-screen coating.

So avoid these while cleaning your screen.

Say No to Paper Towels.

Paper towels are often the obvious choice to clean your display screen since they are cheap, absorbent, and disposable. But they could also put a scratch on your MacBook screen or remove the coating.

This also applies to toilet papers, tissues, regular towels, and sponges.

Avoid using any cleaning fluid.

This type of cleaning fluid is to be avoided unless absolutely necessary because in most cases these liquids are not good for cleaning and end up causing damage to your screen coating. If you have to use it, only use Apple verified liquids for cleaning MacBook screens.

Be very particular to avoid Abrasives, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aerosol, Ammonia, Bleach and Solvents.

Stop wiping the screen every time.

You would want to keep your MacBook screen clean and shiny, but you should avoid cleaning it every day. Wipe your display once or twice a week and not more than that. Excessive wiping, even with the correct wipe and solution, can still result in fading of the anti-reflective coating.

You should also remember not to wipe your MacBook Screen too forcefully. Use gentle pressure to clean the screen. And always wipe it down. This is the best practice.

So, you now know how to clean your MacBook Screen with all possible do’s and don’ts, I am sure your MacBook Screen should be sparkling at all times of use.

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