How To Set Up Remote Access on Mac

Sometimes, we face a situation when it is important to give access to our devices to other people. Often, it happens in the workplace as people usually work as a team and should be aware of certain things going on another person’s Mac. Another situation is when the person wants to prove his or her loyalty to someone. For instance, this way you may show that you don’t have any secrets from your beloved person and completely trust him/her. One should be really careful with things like VNC not to get into the trouble.

VNC refers to the Virtual Network Computing. The main purpose is to make it possible to distantly transfer keyboard and mouse input across a network/Internet from one machine to another device. It allows viewing what is going on the monitor of another person. To say more, this feature activates the opportunity to manage and monitor files on other computers being in another location.

Once the person connects to a distant computer via VNC (observed in a window of the remote computer’s screen), the user becomes able to view and manage the target device.
It contains 3 basic elements:

  • The Server – The machine whose screen is about to be shared.
  • The Client – Any device connecting and supervising the server.
  • The Protocol – The way the clients and the server communicate.

A feature called Remote Management can help you to make others view your screen. A Mac owner can find it in Sharing preferences. This step will create a Remote Desktop feature, which is enough to let someone of your choice access your computer and its information.

To activate this option:

  1. Launch Sharing Preferences. It sits in Apple menu → System Preferences → Sharing.
  2. LChoose the Remote Management check box.
    You might be suggested to pick the “tasks remote users” to let them perform on your machine. Otherwise, you will need Options to select the tasks.
  3. LThen, there are several options, but follow just one of them:
    → Choose “All users” to allow people with a user account on the target device to view your Mac’s screen and ongoing activities.
    → Pick “Only these users” to limit the number of people who can share your Mac’s screen. After that, select a plus button, and then move to the users who can share your computer.
  4. Go to Computer Settings. Pick options for the target Apple computer. In case other users connect via a VNC viewer, you will require deciding on the password.
  5. Every user can get Apple Remote Desktop from the App Store. Thus, the tool is absolutely safe.

Tips & Tricks

For Mac owners who care about their safety, it is a good idea to configure the VNC server only to permit local connections. Then, mount an ssh tunnel from the client computer. That is how one can encrypt all VNC packages between client and server.
In case you are running a server, do not forget to secure it with the help of strong password. Moreover, it is better to limit the number of IP addresses that have permission to connect to the server for extra security.

Watch out!

VNC is not that secure as some users may think. This protocol may put the Mac computer under threat from the third-party users who look for the ways to gain access to your personal information. That is why it is recommended to deactivate VNC by reversing the instructions listed in the previous sections.