What We Know about the New MacBook Pro 2018

Apple’s MacBook Pro line was last updated in June 2017. But regardless of all improvements made, Mac users met the new devices critically. With all complaints in mind, Apple is planning to release the way new MacBook Pro in 2018. Though the exact description is kept in secret, we’ll try to make some suggestions regarding the upcoming changes.


Though Apple is not expected to make any significant changes to MacBook Pro unveiled in 2016, we still hope it’ll play with the color. Now MacBook Pro is available in Silver and Space Grey, while other MacBook models come in Gold and Rose as well. So, we expect Apple to make a shift in Pro series and add Gold option.

Screen & Graphics

Now MacBook Pro has 2880 x 1800 screens for 15.4-inch and 2560×1600 for 13.3-inch models, but Apple is planning to increase these characteristics. The upcoming 15.4-inch MacBook Pro will offer a 4k display.

As for graphics characteristics, they differ depending on the model you have (either 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro). In 15-inch Mac, Apple replaced Radeon Pro 455 with Radeon Pro 555 or 560. The models of the next generation are expected to have very similar characteristics.


The next generation of MacBook Pro is likely to perform on Intel’s Coffee Lake processor. It means that the 13.3 inch MacBook Pro might move from dual to quad-core processor, which is now available only in 15-inch models. Moreover, the way new Core i9 processor can bring 6-core to the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Coffee Lake will increase the performance of current Kaby Lake processors by 30%. Coffee Lake is expected to offer some performance improvements and the reduced power consumption. Such changes will significantly enhance MacBook Pro battery’s life. The new processor supports LPDDR4 memory, meaning that a 32GB RAM will be possible in new MacBook Pro. We also suppose that Apple will move away from Intel chips and look at other companies’ offers or develop its own processor with low-power mode functionality. According to Bloomberg report, Apple started the development of their own coprocessors like T1 in MacBook Pro and T2 chip in iMac Pro. It also said that new chips would be featured in desktop Mac and one of the updated laptops.


Current 13-inch MacBook Pro has 8 GB RAM that can be upgraded to 16 GB, while 15-inch MacBook Pro comes with 16 GB RAM by default. Pro users like video editors called for increased RAM, but Apple warned it could be disastrous to battery life. They also warned that 32 GB RAM would require non-low power DDR memory and different logic board’s design that could cut space for the battery. Nevertheless, the complaints were so loud and frequent that Apple is supposed to address them somehow. In the meanwhile, we hope that the new MacBook Pro will be released with 32 GB RAM right from the start.

Touch Bar & Keyboard

Touch bar offered in the current MacBook Pro models doesn’t seem a very popular feature. Our assumption is grounded in the fact that Apple didn’t add a touch bar to other models. Besides, the developers don’t release any updates for the apps to support this feature. The touch bar looks more like a decoration rather than a useful tool. So, we expect the new MacBook Pro will come without it.

MacBook Pro users complained of a too breakable keyboard. One report has explained how a speck of dust can harm the keyboard so that the whole front will need to be replaced. In the upcoming Pro model, we expect Apple to address this issue.


Ports are one more issue that bothers MacBook Pro users, and here, we predict two scenarios. When Apple released the new Pro, many ports disappeared or were replaced with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3. However, the headphone jack remained untouched while being removed from iPhone. Such tendencies show that Apple can take off the headphone jack in the next generation or replace it with USB Type-C/Thunderbolt port. According to the second scenario, Apple will reduce the circuit board’s size and add more ports. The company might start looking for the ways to integrate more versatile and faster circuit boards into a new design, thus saving lots of internal space for USB 3.2 and other I/O connections.

Battery Life

Apple is planning to address life battery issue in the upcoming models. With the new Cannon Lake chips, Apple can significantly reduce power consumption. But if it decides to make a pro-level Mac with 32 GB of RAM, the battery life would suffer.

Should I Buy a MacBook Pro Now or Wait 2018 Autumn?

MacBook Pro line isn’t perfect: too fragile keyboard, useless touch bar, low RAM, and other bugs might lead to a deep frustration. So, we recommend you to wait for a new MacBook Pro 2018 and see what will be changed. You can buy an older MacBook for a reduced price later if a new MacBook doesn’t meet your expectations.