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Technology In The Face Of COVID-19

It is as if the episode of Black Mirror were real, and the coronavirus still exists. Unlike the perverse use technology in Netflix’s successful production, it appears that this will help us to better deal with the pandemic. Social distancing should be the most recommended for all citizens. Technology companies are currently putting forth proposals to prevent contagion in areas where people are more likely to occur (e.g., supermarkets, soccer fields, or transport).

Artificial intelligence is the new normal

Shoppermotion in Spain has been developing and launching an algorithm for indoor location since 2005. To make it work, a small device must be installed in the supermarket’s shopping carts to allow the system to detect in real-time the number of people in each section.

This mechanism allows store employees to view valuable metrics via their mobile phones or computers. They can see such things as how many people approach others, how many customers are per square meter, and possible sources of contagion. The system can also send alerts when too many people are in a corridor, safety distances are not respected or if there is an influx. What’s the best? This information can be shared instantly and customers can know where to avoid by installing screens.

Benefits of 3D printing and the “blockchain”

The news and the media will have shown you how 3D printers can help to prevent COVID-19 infection. They also produce the required medical supplies to professionals on a small or large scale. The printers are able to be customized by factories, improve production efficiency, and adapt quickly to market changes. It eliminates the need for external agents or relocations as the entire production process takes place within the same company.

The blockchain, or chain of blocks is a data structure that groups information into sets (blocks), to which meta-information is added to a timeline. This allows cryptographic techniques to ensure that information in a block cannot be altered or repudiated by changing all subsequent blocks. This would allow individuals and companies to manage digital administrative procedures, which can be used to avoid counterfeiting and physical contact.


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