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The Latest Detail On Electric And Hybrid Vehicles

Today’s focus is on hybrid and electric vehicles. They continue to improve in performance and are positioning them daily as the protagonists of the future automotive industry. These are the latest tech features that will be here for the long-term.

News about electric cars

It is common to think about Tesla, Elon Musk’s Californian company, when talking about this car type. It is no less. The Tesla Model 3 is the world’s top-selling car, even though there have been new competitors in the last few months. The data for electric cars sold in countries and months shows that the Tesla Model 3 has sold a total of 149,000 units. This is 3.92 times more than the Renault Zoe which sold 38,000 units.

Another important point is battery safety in these cars. These vehicles are subject to the same EuroNCAP safety checks as a combustion engine for your peace of mind. Although their batteries may overheat in extreme heat conditions or technical failure, they are able to pass numerous tests that prevent them from exploding or burning.

The first test is vibration. This certifies that the battery is operating regardless of terrain. The second is temperature. It is used to check whether the battery can withstand sudden changes in temperature while running. Thirdly, the battery is subjected to an impact to determine if the pile is subject to mechanical shock. Even if the battery has been rendered inoperable, this test ensures that the vehicle’s occupants are safe.

Hybrids are gaining popularity

Hybrid cars are a part of the future, but there are some things you should know about them.


  • Fuel savings: Because its mechanics require less force, the combustion engine produces less fuel.
  • Tax benefits: Having the ECO label allows them to circulate in areas that have an active anti-pollution protocol, or discount on parking lots or tolls.
  • Easy access to the urban centre: This advantage is even more critical given the current global pandemic, which means that traffic restrictions in large cities are stricter.


  • It is more useful in specific areas, such as urban environments. It works almost as a traditional combustion engine car on highways and in non-urban traffic.
  • They pollute. Despite being cleaner, the electric motor still works through the combustion engine when it stops working.
  • It is more expensive: This is because it is still much more expensive than a gasoline or diesel car. You should consider how you would use it and whether it is a profitable investment.

The plug-in and hybrid vehicle sales were very good in September. They registered 1,974 units in September, 265.5% higher than the previous year. Non-plug-in users accumulated an additional 45.3% of the registered units compared to 2019.

We can see that the Toyota Corolla is the top-selling model, closely followed by models from the Japanese brand.

Technology is improving by leaps, so we can now choose greener cars. Hopefully in a few years gasoline or diesel will be lighter on the roads.


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