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What would they ask you in an interview from Facebook, LinkedIn, and other tech companies

Interviews can be difficult so it is helpful to know what questions you might be asked in advance. Some managers, recruiters, or hiring managers will share the questions they have prepared for candidates. These are the questions you will be asked when you interview for Facebook or LinkedIn.

“What do YOU do on your best day?” Facebook

This question is designed to uncover the motivations of the candidate. There is no right answer.

Miranda Kalinowski (Facebook’s global director of recruitment) said that no matter what the task is, it will be different for every candidate. That is the beauty of gathering all these people together.

“What are your passions?” LinkedIn

LinkedIn will ask you questions about your passions and ask you to list them on a whiteboard. Brendan Browne (head of LinkedIn’s recruiting) has stated that his goal was to get candidates to be “really spontaneous” in order to assess their ability to communicate with others and to deal with uncertainty.

“Tell me whether it is better for a project to be perfect and late or one that is complete and on-time” – IBM

Obed Louissant is vice president of human resource at IBM Watson. He prefers this difficult question. He said, “It’s fascinating when people respond to this.” “I don’t have the right answer. I don’t want to know the right answer. Instead, I pay attention to the way the person answers questions and the reasons why.

“Why not Intuit?” – Intuit

Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, likes to close interviews with this question. Their goal is to discover if they are able to share with me what they are experiencing in the decision. This gives me an opportunity to address that objection immediately.

“What have I learned this week?” – PayPal

Derek Hann, PayPal CEO, has stated that he often asks this question even though it’s Tuesday. He stated that lifelong learning is one of the core values of his company. He stated, “You should be learning at this level of frequency.”

“What were some of your most shocking experiences in your career?” – Jet.com

President of Jet.com, Liza Landsman, stated that their goal was to hire friendly employees so candidates who care about the people they work with will give the best answers.

“What would someone who doesn’t like you say about you?” – Duolingo

It is important to be comfortable talking about your weaknesses and your strengths. Luis Von Ahn, founder of Duolingo and CEO, believes that honest answers are the best answer to his favorite question. He said that the answers that concern him are: “People who don’t like me don’t understand me and are often wrong.” They are not responsible for any of it.”

“How can an unpublished YouTube product be improved?” Youtube

In a talk given by the New York Times, Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s CEO, said that she enjoys asking candidates for suggestions on how to improve YouTube products, before they go live.


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