Exploring the Utilities Folder on Your Mac

With all that time you spend with your precious Mac, you must’ve already noticed the so-called Utilities folder, which resides in the Applications folder. Often, people confuse these two terms. While apps assist in completing different activities with Mac, utilities make it possible to do things to the computer. This slight difference still makes sense, so please take a look at the list of tools included in your Mac’s Utilities – many of them may come in handy on lots of occasions.
mac utilities

List of all built-in Mac OS Utilities

Activity Monitor

Observe different stuff running on your Apple computer in a real-time manner.

Airport Utility

With Wi-Fi router, this one makes it possible to control the configuration.

AppleScript Editor

This scripting language allows developing apps to monitor your device easily.

Audio MIDI Setup

It is one of those excellent native tools, which allows regulating the settings on all audio inputs/outputs on your computer. This utility offers a couple of tabs for the artists to work with.

Bluetooth File Exchange

It is a wireless protocol, which activates such functions as transferring elements back and forth between the devices that are equipped with Bluetooth.

Boot Camp Assistant

Those Mac users who wish to have both Mac operating system and Windows set on their computers, would definitely benefit from using Boot Camp Assistant. ColorSync Utility

The designers realize how necessary it is to achieve the coherence between the work of colors. This utility helps to change any picture using effects, frames, fonts, etc.


Use this utility to get rid of many various problems on your Mac device. Console turns aside all system logs to show them in a simple, accessible shape.

Digital Color Meter

For people involved in the design, it is priceless discovery, which can show the color value of any pixel.

Disk Utility

Assists in fixing hard drives, cleaning space, partition disks, and managing DMG.


A handy tool for saving screenshots in different formats.


It’s a data visualization instrument, which helps to insert equations and see the outcome.

Java Preferences

This one makes it possible to compose apps to operate on many different machines.

Keychain Access

That is where the operating system keeps different passwords.

Migration Assistant

Migration Assistant moves the information from the old computer to the newer device.

Network Utility

Apply this instrument for examining the network connections.

Podcast Capture

Used to capture (keep track of/record) various podcasts and share them.

Raid Utility

A credible disk dive protocol used to configure HDDs to run as a RAID array.

Remote Install macOS

This tool is meant for setting up macOS on the computer via another Apple machine.


Access Spaces through a hotkey if you want to possess numerous virtual desktops.

System Profiler

An excellent troubleshooting instrument.


Mac owners who are aware of the UNIX commands should apply Terminal to enter the codes over there.

VoiceOver Utility

Even people who have restricted vision may use Macs. VoiceOver utility is a special tool, which provides such people with an opportunity to communicate with Mac with the help of spoken words. It’s like having a conversation with your machine.


X11 provides the Mac owners with the environment to work with various Windows apps on Mac’s native operating systems. It is not setup by default as not many users actually need this feature, but return to the OS X installation disc if you do need such service.


Hopefully, you find this brief yet clear guide to the world of Mac’s Utilities useful. Each time you face any issues, recall the functionality of each utility as some of them may solve specific problems really fast.